What is Melbourne International Games Week?

Why thank you for asking! Melbourne International Games Week is the largest game professional and consumer communication and networking platform in Asia Pacific. It’s not actually a single event itself but a series of events held across 10 days in October/November. Melbourne International Games Week unites all the events across games week and provides a framework for all our attendees! It’s our way of saying Hey! Come and check out what’s happening in our awesome city.

What do you mean by Melbourne International Games Week is a framework for all the events?

MIGW provides a framework for our game events which functions as a system that provides a convenient time and place for them to happen. The events within Melbourne International Games Week are all organized by different companies. We aim to provide visibility for the events and provide a seamless experience for our guests across the week. There are a variety of events for different attendee interests (from business and developers to gamers and families). The platform is founded and run by Creative Victoria.

When does Melbourne International Games Week take place?

This year Melbourne International Games Week will be running from 29 October to 07 November in our sunny Australian Spring!

Is there free Wifi available?

Yeah there definintely is. You can get free wifi all around Melbourne using the VicFreeWifi service within all Melbourne CBD locations. This network allows for up to 250 MB per device, per day – and does not require personal logins or feature pop-up advertising. you can get more information here: vic.gov.au/wifi

Does Melbourne International Games Week take place every year?

Yes! You can keep up to date with our plans via our website. If you’re in the games industry and planning on coming to Melbourne, this is always the best time of year for you to come.

Is Melbourne International Games Week also interesting for people who aren’t gamers?

We run events for everyone, not just hard-core gamers. You’ll find events for gamers, families and games developers across the week. There’s something for everyone 🙂 We’re here to celebrate games and showcase the wonderful game development talent that is flourishing in the APAC region.

Which events are associated with the Melbourne International Games Week?

We’re running 12 events this year! It’s actually held across 10 days! We called on our wizarding powers and made a week into 10 days … impressed :P?

Check out the program we’ve put together for you this year:

  1. Unite Melbourne 2016

  2. Games Connect Asia Pacific

  3. GCAP: Loading

  4. #SheMakes_Games

  5. Australian Game Developer Awards

  6. PAX Australia

  7. Education in Games Summit

  8. ACMI Family Day

  9. Where in Melbourne is Carmen and Diego

  10. Wayfinder

  11. Game Changer: VR Festival

  12. Megadev!

I’m interested in volunteering at one of the events, who do I get in touch with?

We’re always interested in volunteers! Even if we don’t have any spots we can put you in touch with the people who do. We’ll also keep your email on hand for next year’s events. Just email us on press@gamesweek.melbourne

How many visitors come to the events?

Across the entire Games Week we have about 60,000 visitors here in Melbourne to do business, have fun and learn a thing or two about games.

At which venues do the events take place?

Games Week conferences happen in a number of central locations across Melbourne from the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Federation Square, the Melbourne Meat Market and more.

I want to see more of Melbourne, is there any places to find information online?

Yes of course! We’re known for our friendly people and spirit of collaboration so chances are you’ll meet someone during Games Week who would love to show you around! Don’t be afraid to ask :). You’ll also find the following websites helpful for info on what’s happening and where to go in our city.




What’s your hashtag?

You can keep an eye on all the action, adventure by using the hashtag #MIGW16 and tweeting @gamesweekmelbs

Who is behind Melbourne International Games Week?

There are many wonderful games heroes who help make this week unique and awesome.

Games Connect Asia Pacific, for example, is managed by the Game Developers’ Association of Australia and PAX Australia is organised by Reed Pop! Creative Victoria are responsible for branding and curating the week itself. All our events are managed by their respective creators, meaning that each event has its own unique personality and audiences.

Do I have to buy individual tickets for each event?

Yes each event has their own ticketing system and some have bundle deals, a kind of 3 for 1 deal if you will. Luckily I’ve put links to all the events below. How convenient 😛.

  1. Unite Melbourne 2016

  2. Games Connect Asia Pacific

  3. GCAP: Loading

  4. #SheMakes_Games

  5. Australian Games Developer Awards

  6. PAX Australia

  7. Education in Games Summit

The following events will have further details soon. Don’t forget to check back in with us!

  1. Games: A Family Affair

  2. Where in Melbourne is Carmen and Diego

  3. Wayfinder

  4. Game Changer: VR Festival

But which ticket should I get?

Aha! We have something for everyone, check it out!

Unite Melbourne 2016 – Developers who use Unity or want to learn more technical skills

Game Connect Asia Pacific – Anyone in the games industry

GCAP: Loading – Students near to graduation from a game development course

#SheMakes_Games – Women who want to learn how to make games

Australian Game Developer Awards – Game developers

PAX Australia – Fans of games and game development

Education in Games Summit – Teachers of primary and secondary school

Games: A Family Affair – Families

Where in Melbourne is Carmen and Diego – Anyone wanting to explore Melbourne’s CBD!

Wayfinder – Anyone wanting to explore Melbourne’s CBD!

Game Changer: VR Festival – Families and consumers interesting in experiencing the latest in VR technology

Do you have any discounts for students?

Yes we do! You can find the individual student discounts on the pages mentioned above.

I have a press accreditation, where do I get my badge?

If you would like to request a media pass for any of the events you can contact press@gamesweek.melbourne and we can introduce you to the event organiser or if you already know who that is, you can contact them directly with a request.

I have a press accreditation: which events can I attend? And is it okay to take pictures?

Not all events might have enough capacity for press but you’re very welcome at the following events:

PAX Australia

Unite Melbourne

Education in Games Summit

Game Changer: VR Festival

Games: A Family Affair

We are press and are coming with a TV camera team. With whom do I have to speak in order to coordinate things?

How exciting! We have a great team managing Melbourne International Games Week, so reach out to them at press@gamesweek.melbourne and they will be able to help you coordinate.

Are there Awards for outstanding game creations?

Yes! The Australian Game Developer Awards are presented every year and are an annual celebration of the talent that makes up the Australian game development industry. The AGDAs are presented by the Game Developers’ Association of Australia (GDAA) and the event is held in conjunction with the Game Connect Asia Pacific conference (GCAP 2016).


Special thanks to Berlin International Games Week for letting us use their wonderful FAQ structure 🙂