Kpow Audio


Kpow Audio has been creating audio for games for over five years. Starting out in house on Team Bondi and RockStar Game’s L.A. Noire, they have since designed the sound of The Banner Saga, and more recently helped out on Frictional Game’s underwater horror SOMA. In between these titles they created the sound for many mobile games including Alto’s Adventure and the Shiny Things educational series of games. Their interactive audio installation, Circuits Sequentials was selected for inclusion in the 2015 Sydney Vivid festival and received the ASSG Award for Best Sound for Interactive Media. They have been nominated for a BAFTA, and won Best Audio for an Indie Game at the 2014 G.A.N.G. Awards.

The games industry is full of exciting, talented people, and Kpow loves collaborating with them, building relationships and having fun. Specializing in creating unique sonic experiences, their focus is on recording and manipulating sound to suit any game, providing a high level polish due to their AAA experience in audio production and implementation.


The Banner Saga 2 (in development) – Stoic Studios
SOMA – Frictional Games
Altos Adventure – Snowman Interactive
Super Squares – Snowman Interactive
The Banner Saga – Stoic Studios
The Banner Saga Factions – Stoic Studios
Star Hammer – The Vanguard Prophesy – Black Lab Games
Quick Maths Jr – Medieval – Shiny Things
Quick Maths Jr. – Shiny Things
Shiny Circus – Shiny Things
Shiny Bakery – Shiny Things
Quick Maths Plus – Shiny Things
Shiny Party – Shiny Things
Shiny Picnic – Shiny Things
Sakura Time – Shiny Things
Sakura Quick Maths – Shiny Things
Market Garden – Two Bulls
Groops – Torched Media