Loveshack Entertainment


Loveshack’s Joshua Boggs, Adrian Moore and Ollie Browne are veteran game developers with particular experience in mobile and PC games. Between them the trio have worked on award-winning titles such as The Movies (Lionhead Studios), Populous, Theme Hospital, Syndicate Wars (Bullfrog), Rolling with Katamari (Namco Bandai), SPY mouse and Real Racing 2 and 3 (Firemint/Firemonkeys). In an effort to get back to their independent roots – they founded Loveshack in 2012, and received a government grant on the back of a pitch involving square bits of paper with stickman drawings on them. This became their highly innovative debut project, Framed, a comic book puzzle game that has gone on to win over 25 industry accolades and awards and seen robust sales on iOS and Android. They are currently at work on their next project.


Framed –