About Us

Torus Games is a highly skilled and talented computer game development studio.

We are positioned in the heart of the industry, developing products on all consumer platforms for the world’s largest publishers.

Torus’ strengths include state-of-the-art cross-platform technology, commitment to quality and a veteran development team. Torus has delivered over 80 titles on a variety of platforms for many happy customers.

Torus Games began in 1994 with the intention of creating great video games. 20 years on, the same passion and focus continues to drive us, no matter which platform we’re working with. Torus has completed games and content for the Game Boy, Game Gear, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Sega Saturn, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, LMAX, N-Gage, Xbox, Leapster, Leapster 2, Leapster Didj, PSP and GameCube.

Our current developmental platforms are DS, 3DS, PSV, PC, iOS, Android, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, as well as digital distribution. We are approved by all major hardware manufacturers, including Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft and Apple.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Torus has a diverse portfolio of titles that span a wide range of categories, target markets and gaming platforms, including puzzle games, action-adventure, first-person shooters, racers, party titles, RPGs, education games and sims across a wide age group from toddlers to adults.

To make great video games, you need the right tools. That’s why Torus is equally focused on creating engines and tools that allow us to concentrate on superior content and cross-platform development. Torus is dedicated to continuing the creation of strong content tools that enable game designers to more effectively express their vision and provide more time for developers to focus on gameplay. Publishers that have already experienced our commitment to quality include Activision, Nokia, Take Two, Ubisoft, Atari, Leapfrog, Destineer, Majesco, Namco, D3P, Little Orbit and Warner Bros.

We have developed dozens of licenses over the years and have extensive experience working with high-quality, successful IP such as Shrek, Scooby-Doo, Barbie and several Dreamworks properties. In addition to this, Torus have strong original design capabilities. Torus is not only sensitive to licensor requirements – we are innovative with our own creations. Sentinel, Kid Adventures! Sky Captain and Little Monsters are all original Torus designs.

Our Studio boasts an established team structure that allows us to be self-contained and create every component of a game in-house – from the administrative department through to the management team, sound engineers and our quality assurance testers, software engineers, artists and animators, game designers and producers. At Torus we are constantly honing our practices and processes to deliver consistent, high quality results.

Our Games

Too numerous to mention! Please check the website!