About Us

Dancing Dinosaur Games is a small independent game studio operating out of Melbourne, Australia. We strive to make original, fun, humourous games that we, as both developers and gamers, and our fans, would like to play.

The company was formed by several of us who were studying together, and has since expanded. At present the team consists of Josh Woods as project lead and artist, Mark Patten as our concept and 2D artist, Riley Van Heeswyk as our environment artist, Robert Mayne as our animator, and Amanda ‘Pan’ Petrass rounds out the art team as our audio designer and artist. Rohan Carty, David Northfield, and Lachlan Easton make up the programming team.

Collateral is our first game and has been in development since 2011. Josh first came up with the idea for Collateral while studying with several other team members and resolved to continue working on the project to its completion. The team quickly expanded and the game has seen a total overhaul from student project to full game production.

Our Games