About Us

I’m Nick, guy that likes games and pretty much everything to do with making ’em.

Over the years I’ve been an artist, a programmer and dabbled in design and music, and now I’m going to take those things, mix them together, and make a whole product.

I’ve generally gravitated towards programming as a job because it allows me to get all deep and personal with a game; find out how it works, play with what makes it tick and finding creative solutions to difficult problems. However my real passion lies in gameplay mechanics, figuring out how a player interacts with a game and ways those systems can work together in concert to provide an interesting and memorable experience that people will want to play again and again.

I’ve been interested in pretty much all the disciplines that go into making a game, from architecture and lighting, to physics and music theory. I’ve played around in just about every part of a game that it’s possible to do, both professionally and in my spare time.

Over the years I’ve been an artist, an animator, UI guy and sound guy, but most of my career has been working as a programmer for Atari, Krome and Firemonkeys. I’ve worked on various titles for both console and mobile, including Spyro: The Eternal Night, Star Wars: Force Unleashed, Mass Effect: Infiltrator, Need For Speed: Most Wanted and several others.

Our Games