About Us

KlickTock is a one-man-band game development company dedicated to making games for everyone.

KlickTock was established from a rural Australian sheep farm in 2009 by Matthew Hall, a veteran of the Australian game development industry. Matt is game developer who’s been dreaming about games since… forever. He started programming games at the age of seven and he has previously been employed at Australian developers Tantalus Interactive and Big Ant Studios. His varied career includes positions as Producer, Programmer, Designer, Artist, and Chief Technical Officer and has published titles on iPhone, iPad, Android, Amazon, PC, Mac, Wii, Xbox, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, and Playstation Portable.

Matt was the recipient of Film Victoria’s 2011 Tim Richards award for outstanding achievement in digital media.

Since 2008, Matthew had developed seven titles, five of which have been #1 games on the App Store. His games have been downloaded over 110 million times worldwide.

In 2014, Matt joined forces with Andy Sum to create Hipster Whale and together they released Crossy Road. Crossy Road went onto to become Matt’s fourth #1 game and managing 1 million downloads in just its first week on the store. They followed up the next year with PAC-MAN 256, a collaboration between Hipster Whale, 3 Sprockets and Bandai Namco Vancouver.

Our Games

Doodle Find

Little Things


Little Things Forever

Deck War

Crossy Road

Pac-Man 256