About Us

Lumi Consulting provide marketing and consulting services to game developers and technology companies that require assistance with their marketing strategy, planning and business development.

We work with companies across technology, video games, and creative industries to provide a variety of services to support company growth and promotion. We use a combination of in-person, digital and traditional marketing practices to deliver the best results for our clients. We also work to connect games developers and technologies to investors to grow and mature the funding environment for games development in Australia.

Lumi Consulting prioritises building up your skills so that marketing and PR will become the competitive edge for your organisation – whether you’re a solo developer, a small team or a larger business. We provide training and education to deliver the most effective and efficient strategy to reach your goals, and always take the time to thoroughly understand your business.

At Lumi Consulting we pride ourselves on being industry facilitators. Whether you are an independent developer looking to tap into the professional games network, a technology company wanting to find new crossovers for their products, an agency looking for new talent or an event looking for sponsorship, we are here to help!

Our Games

Here are just a few of our wonderful clients, past and present:

Hipster Whale: Crossy Road

Mighty Games: Shooty Skies, various

Unity: Unite Melbourne 2016

MidBoss: Read Only Memories

Opaque Multimedia: Earthlight, various

Deakin Motion.lab: motion capture specialists and creative consultancy

MiniMega: Bonza, National Geographic

Considerable Content: Rogue Singularity