About Us

Monstrum games are the work of Dan Stradwick (also known as “garin”), a designer and programmer originally from New Zealand but now residing in Melbourne, Australia.

Games have been a passion all my life. At primary school my family had no computer or consoles, so I would recruit my friends to help type BASIC programs into the school computers so we could play games on those. What started with programs from magazines eventually led to my own creations.

The early 90s were my personal golden age, featuring such classic releases as Star Control 2, Ultima Underworld and my favorite game of all time, X-Com.

I later gained a degree in Computer Science, but I didn’t publicly release any games until 2007. The first Monsters’ Den was created as an exercise to teach myself Flash, and released for free online. Its popularity has led to several sequels.

In 2009 I also has the opportunity to work with Bioware and EA, leading development on the Dragon Age Journeys web game.

Our Games

Monsters’ Den: Chronicles

Dragon Age: Journeys

Monsters’ Den: The Book of Dread

Monsters’ Den