About Us

Barrel of Donkeys is Sam Baird and Julian Frost. We like talking and arguing (mostly arguing) about games, and also making them.

We met in the A-F section of the school library in 1991 and have been best friends since. Sam’s first words to me were “you probably shouldn’t stand near me if you want people to think you’re cool.” Kind of weird for an 11 year-old.

We’ve made games since we were teenagers in New Zealand. Back then I had to use Sam’s homemade sprite editor and all our games seemed to revolve around collecting fruit. Now we live in Melbourne, Australia, making touch screen games with intriguing gameplay and lots of polish. Take a look at Toybox for an example.

Sam does programming and I do animation and I also make Sam do endless barely-perceptible graphic tweaks and that’s why his beard is going grey.

Our Games

Dumb Ways To Die

Toy box