About Us

Sapphire Dragon Productions is a Melbourne based games development studio founded in 2015. We are best known for Silver Creek Falls series.

Our vision is to keep making touching immersive adventures again and again.

As of July 2017 Sapphire Dragon Productions has also begun providing video game consulting services to new and upcoming development studios. Thanks to the team’s ample experience in video game development, media publishing and their extensive portfolio of published games (numbering in over 15 titles including games published under their subsidiary Last Lotus Visual Novels) many junior developers have sought out the team behind Sapphire Dragon Productions to help solve their technical and creative problems.

Our Games

Silver Creek Falls: Chapter 1

Silver Creek Falls: Chapter 2

Silver Creek Falls: Chapter 3

Last Days of Spring

Last Days of Spring 2

True Lover's Knot

Fix Me Fix You

Love in the Glen

Captain Firebeard and the Bay of Crows

The Agency: Chapter 1

The Agency: Chapter 2

The Ghosts of Hackney Mills

Heart and Seoul

The Curse of the Golden Crab