About Us

Spree Entertainment is a start-up video game development studio in the creative hub of Melbourne, Australia.

They are driven by a passion for gaming and want to be a part of a rapidly expanding global industry. The Spree difference a focus on gameplay elements that encourage social interaction and community. They want all gamers to feel welcome to pick up their games and undertake the challenge of just one more match!

Their first game, Fiend Legion is a digital Trading Card Game (TCG) with immersive strategic gameplay that challenges the player to adapt their play style after each battle. Core gameplay with network multiplayer mode is completed and they’re currently working on further refinements for graphics, animations and gameplay stability. The inventory and guild systems are their next development goal.

Spree has designed Fiend to reach a wide target segment, so that all gamers can feel welcome to play, but they also made it complex and deep enough that serious gamers have room to master strategic elements. One of Spree’s major goals is to build a brand community, with that in mind Fiend will offer ongoing content and support for users. This will not only keep the game fresh and interesting, but will also act as a source of continued revenue, as players purchase additional card packs and upgrades.

Our Games