About Us

XGameDev was founded in 2012 by Jacques and Melanie Leemans. They are an independent game development company based in Torquay Victoria Australia, and have worked with clients across the globe on various projects.

We are specialists in 2D and 3D game development, and majority of our time was spent on educational games. We use Construct2 for all our 2D games, in which we have made over 500 HTML5 games for clients and ourselves.

Our 3D and some more 2D games are made in Unity 3D, where the bigger projects take place. We currently have 11 of our own games published on the iTunes store and Google Play. While we work on our own game ideas, we take on clients, and make their game ideas come to life with our skills and tools.

Our Games

Some games we have worked on for clients :

HTML Food Recycling Webpage Animation – This Denmark based client wanted an animated website. This whole site was done in Construct2, it is alive with movement and animations.

Block Gun 3D – This Canadian based client wanted this turned into a multiplayer game, using Photon we made it from a simple fun single player game, into a addictive Successful multiplayer game.

The Great Waste Sort – This New Zealand based client wanted a fun and educational way to teach kids about recycling. The games goes about aiming the trash at the correct recycling container and seeing if you can get it in.

Some of our own games include :

Dragonfly Math – it’s a educational multiples table tapping game, where the dragon has to fly and eat the correct multiples in order, and avoid obstacles.

Crashy Road – This is an endless runner type game, where you need to collect coins, avoid obstacles, and see how far you can get without running into any other cars. There are various cars to choose from at random

Math Brain – Math Brain is a brain teaser game, where the math problem needs to be solved. The answer is given, and the equations needs to be worked out. All math rules apply, so if you put the symbols in the wrong order, you won’t get to the right answer. In-App hints are available, and options to share, ask, tweet your friends for assistance.


Dragonfly math title screen, rocks with sky behind, grass and mushrooms and 3 action icons
Screen capture of Mathbrain, logo and other menu options with icons
screen capture of crashy road, title over a road, buildings on the image edge and 3 action icons