Travel package offer from Legit Nerds

So you’ve been thinking of coming along to Melbourne International Games Week for PAX AUS, but all of that searching for flights, accommodation, tix and food been holding you back? Well, we’ve found just the thing for you!!

Legit Nerds has put together an awesome package including return flights, accommodation, airport transfers, 3 day PAX pass, daily breakfast and access to fun activities and events. So pretty much, they’ll do everything aside from packing your bag and watering your plants while you’re gone!

Legit Nerds is a specialist travel company founded on the premise that the new breed of nerds is social, mobile, adventurous and keen to experience the world’s greatest technology, gaming and pop culture events. 

Find out more the Legit Nerds PAX Australia tour over on their website– we look forward to seeing you at Melbourne International Games Week 2018!