Trickstar Games


Trickstar Games is one of Australia’s most experienced games development studios. Founded in Melbourne, Australia, Trickstar Games is a core assembly of some of the best development talent in the country.

Trickstar Games is a licensed developer with Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, and produces games on all major gaming platforms including web browser, iOS and Android. The senior studio management team is headed by Mike Fegan, a 26 year veteran of the interactive entertainment industry who has been involved in the production, publishing and distribution of over 500 games. And Tony Parkes, a 27 year veteran of the industry and former studio head of Midway Newcastle, senior producer at EA Sports Vancouver and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe lead the team of experienced professionals.

The Trickstar team’s long history of working together, developing and delivering successful game titles has ensured a strong bond within the studio. The team has established a solid Unity technology based production pipeline and have made quality the foundation of the studio.


International Cricket 2010
Jane’s Advance Strike Fighters
Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII
StuntMania Reloaded
Fumes: Stunt Racer