Games for Change Asia-Pacific - Day 0

Games for Change Asia Pacific - Tuesday October 5th - Pre-festival Workshops


Day 0 - 5 October

From 5th-7th October 2021, in conjunction with Melbourne International Games Week, the Games for Change Asia-Pacific Festival will launch across the region with a free virtual festival.

Games for Change showcases games that seek to create change by supporting learning, health outcomes or creating social change.

The inaugural G4C APAC festival will connect developers, researchers, practitioners and consumers, and seek to inspire the next generation of games that will change the world.

The festival will include a full day of workshops, followed by two days of speakers and panels.

Pre-festival workshops

Day 0 - Tuesday 5th October 11am-5pm

100% virtual and free!

11am - 3d Printing Workshop

1pm - ACMI's new game lessons for educators

3pm - How games can help address the SDGs

Games for Change Asia Pacific Festival

Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th October 11am - 7pm

100% virtual and free!

Featuring over 100 speakers from across the Asia-Pacific region.

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Event contact:  Dale Linegar