Playful Parklet - Urban Play Date

Playful Parklet - Urban Play Date


Experience a pop-up urban play festival in a parklet. Follow the program to join live music games, playful chalk creatures, how to parkour, urban play school, AR, PSOs, a robotics ensemble, and a seaweed library.

Parklets have rapidly become part of urban landscapes everywhere during the pandemic. Can they be reclaimed as a form of tactical urbanism? How do we make parklets playful again?

Originating in the Melbourne CBD in post-lockdown 2021, the playful parklet has travelled to Malvern, Brunswick and Footscray before landing in Collingwood. Drop by anytime or join the Urban Play Date to meet some of the artists and designers shaping the project and find out more.

Playful Parklet is active from October 1 and October 2, with performances and workshops on October 2 (Urban Play Date).


Outside Pause Bar
268 Carlisle St, Balaclava


Saturday, 1st October and Sunday, 2nd October

Urban Play Date: Sunday 2nd October,  10am-4pm

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Email: Troy Innocent