29 Sep - 3 Oct

MIGW Steam Festival 2022

MIGW Steam Festival 2022 - 29 Sept-3 Oct


For the second time ever, Melbourne International Games Week is hosting a curated digital festival on Steam to celebrate games made in Victoria.

The Steam page is dedicated to highlighting the broad range of video games developed in Victoria, Australia.

Join us for a celebration of video games and the people who make them, download playable demos and explore other discounted games.

The MIGW Steam festival will feature a selection of digital panels, talks, game presentations, panel discussions and concerts with popular video game development industry talent. The festival will also showcase over 80 Victorian developers and their games over four days, offering demos and discounts on certain products.

Last year’s Festival had over one million unique visitors, 36 games exhibited and 15 playable demos, all of which were developed in Victoria. Over 2.1 million viewers watched over 15 hours of curated content over the four days, watching a cumulative total of over 146,997 hours.


Thursday, 29th September 2022 through Monday, 3rd October 2022