The Big Anxiety: Creative Tools for Mental Health

The Big Anxiety: Creative Tools for Mental Health


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The Big Anxiety explores the use of virtual reality for the mental health industry.

Explore a series of interactive works that champion positive mental health outcomes and delve into mental health issues faced by the wider community, including:

  • Waumananyi: The Song on the Wind, an Anangu-led response to the experiences of constraint, entrapment, and depression through the traditional story (or ‘tjukurpa’) of ‘The Man in the Log’
  • The Visit, an intimate interactive engagement with the complex emotional and perceptual world of dementia
  • Being Debra, a window into the lived experience of a person with dwarfism in contemporary Australian society
  • Parragirls, Past Present, a deeply moving immersive experience presenting former residents’ contemporary visions of Parramatta Girls Home, an Australian child welfare institution that closed in 1974
  • EmbodiMap, a therapeutic/research tool that enables users to engage with and map their feelings, thoughts and emotions and how these are experienced within the body.


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