MIGW 2023 Film series

Computer Chess (2013)

MIGW 2023 Film series - Computer Chess (2013)


It's the 1980s and the best and brightest computer scientists have gathered at a dingy Motor Inn where geeky men (and one woman) battle it out in an annual computer chess convention. Buried deep in codes and tactics, the programmers hardly notice that they're sharing the motel with a group of new-age adventurers on a couples retreat. When worlds collide, hilarity ensues for Bujalski's main protagonist, the bespectacled and slightly lovestruck Peter but this is just one of the many intriguing narrative roads that Computer Chess travels.

What begins as a seemingly unearthed documentary of the past morphs into a warm, humorous take on our relationship to technology, utopian visions of the future and a good old fashioned battle of wits and ego.


Monday, 2nd October 6.30 pm - 8 pm


ACMI Cinemas
Federation Square