The Australian Pavilion is back at Gamescom 2023

The Australian Pavilion is back at Gamescom 2023

In August, videogame fans, creators, publishers and journalists will come together in Cologne, Germany to play and exhibit the latest games projects at Gamescom, the largest international digital games event.

Victorian developers will be showcasing their talent at the event’s Australian Pavilion, organised and hosted by IGEA (Interactive Games and Entertainment Association). Local studios will have a significant presence at the pavilion, with several studios representing what Australia has to offer.

Gamescom has been showcasing international games since 2009 though historically with a mostly European and North American presence. Victoria’s participation has steadily grown in recent years, with Gamescom’s 2021 showcase featuring Melbourne’s Massive Monster and Catchweight Studios.

Gamescom openly recognised local game-makers as leaders in the industry when Australia was made official partner for their 2022 event. This major decision saw the Australian Pavilion established, which would offer our homegrown game-makers a significant opportunity to show off their creative innovation.

This year, the Australian Pavilion is back and Victorian studios will be there to represent the State’s strong position in the national industry. In collaboration with IGEA, Creative Victoria and VicScreen are supporting around a dozen studios to attend the showcase.

Crossy Road Castle / Hipster WhaleImage: Crossy Road Castle / Hipster Whale

Conscript / Catchweight Studio

Image: Conscript / Catchweight Studio

Gamescom represents an invaluable opportunity for Victorian game-makers to connect with global industry members and audiences. For developer Jordan Mochi of Catchweight Studio, this will be the second Gamescom event to showcase a demo of the upcoming and solo-developed WWI-inspired game Conscript.

“Gamescom is also generally an event that the entire games industry flocks to, so it's a great chance to network and meet people who you'd otherwise not get the chance to,” says Mochi. “If you're looking for publishers and investors, you will also find plenty at Gamescom who are always looking for their next big title.”

In the months following 2022’s gamescom, Catchweight Studio met and negotiated with more than ten publishers interested in Conscript.

The Australian Pavilion’s return will help foster media, business, and consumer relationships for the attending studios, who will in turn represent our national talent.

For more information, visit Gamescom's official website