The rain couldn’t stop Big Games Night Out

The rain couldn’t stop the crowds at Big Games Night Out.

Fashion, kart racing, and cult rituals collide at Melbourne’s biggest gaming night of the year!

Image: Cult of the Lamb: The Ritual immersive installation at Federation Square.

Image: Cult of the Lamb: The Ritual immersive installation at Federation Square.

If you passed by Federation Square on Thursday night October 5, you would have seen a massive crowd gathered around a podium attended by a figure in a hooded robe. Red lights are flashing, arcane symbols and adorable woodland creatures are projected on ACMIs façade. The crowd chants “Praise the lamb! Praise the lamb!”

Cult of the Lamb: The Ritual was one of the many highlights of Big Games Night Out, an immersive takeover of Federation Square as part of Melbourne International Games Week (MIGW).

The hooded figure was River Boy, audio director and composer of Massive Monster’s Cult of the Lamb, performing a live DJ set from the game’s original soundtrack. Larger-than-life puppets and performers in full cultish costume weaved their way through the crowd, making for a fully immersive installation.

Earlier in the evening, a spectacular Cosplay Parade made its way through the CBD, ending with a stunning runway show at Federation Square hosted by Myf Warhust and Monataigne. The fashion show was open to all levels of cosplay experience, encouraging community and bridging gaming, fashion, craft, and fandom.

“It was a great way to meet fellow cosplayers and show off our hard work on our costumes! Everyone was so welcoming and made us feel like stars.” says Heather Harlowe, a fashion and gaming enthusiastic who participated in the runway. “I like to put a unique spin on my favourite characters …. For BGNO, I made my Princess (Tennis) Peach cosplay out of PVC fabric to give it a fashion twist. I have a background in fashion/costume design, but I'm kind of new to cosplay, so it felt special to be so welcomed by the community. It’s really nice to see more cosplay and gaming events in Melbourne!”

The fashion experience continued with the Stray Gods Fashion Show. Eight local designers showcased costume recreations of favourite Stray Gods characters. Each character was then paired with a creative interpretation of their everyday style.

There was something for everyone at Big Games Night Out. Melbourne-made indie games and classics like Mario Kart were free to play in The Game Zone. Spoilt for choice, there was also an arcade area, esports tournaments and a massive Tabletop Boardgame Bonanza.

Big Games Night Out was presented by Creative Victoria in partnership with Federation Square and ACMI.