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Join Australian and international influencers, businesses and industry for Melbourne International Games Week 2019 – Asia Pacific’s largest digital games celebration – featuring conferences, events and activities for the games industry, games enthusiasts, general public and educationalists.

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Melbourne International Games Week 2017 saw over 70,000 local and international guests attend a multitude of industry, educational and public activities and events. For one week, Melbourne was the hub for all things games and our industry played, learnt, networked, developed… and partied!


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From indies going global and e-sports officially mainstream, take a look at the trends on the horizon for the Australian digital games industry in 2019. #gaming #gamedev #indiedev

Crying because I just showed my 90-year-old grandmother "Florence" by @mountainsgames. She had never played a video game before, but she was so enthralled she wouldn't let me go until we'd finished.

At the end, she said, "I understand why you want to make games! They're art!"

The indie spirit behind the rebirth and growth of the Australian games industry With comment from @DefiantDev, @mountainsgames, @Working1unch and @gdaa_oz #MIGW18

New year, new video games. Here are the most exciting upcoming releases to keep an eye out for, according to @timbiggs.

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